Ridgey Didge Fitness is a Roma based group circuit class that is suitable for any age, gender, fitness ability and health and fitness goals!

Circuit Training is not only a great way to get fit, but to improve strength, stamina and mobility. Our classes at Ridgey Didge Fitness consist of multiple strength exercises that are each completed within a set time, followed by a short rest period, before moving on to your next exercise.

This method of training allows anyone at any fitness level, to participate in any class. The amount of repetitions and level of weights is completely individualised by each persons fitness level and what your maximum capabilities are within that set time frame.

At Ridgey Didge Fitness we strive to take each person and their individual health and fitness goals, together into one class full of motivation, team effort and a fitness experience you will never want to look back on!

We only  hold a maximum of 10 people per class, so book online now to secure your spot!